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UGH. I was halfway through this when my internet decided to freeze. FFFFFFUUUUUU. I will try to recreate what I had.

This is mainly for my Tumblr peeps but maybe my very few LJ friends will be interested in this as well. On Wednesday, my sister and I went into the city to stand in line for a chance to go into Regis & Kelly. One of my lovely ladies, Dana Delany was on that day and I was praying and hoping I'd be able to go see her.

I tend to get very detailed and long winded when I post about, well, anything, so I apologize in advance. I'm going to try to limit myself! Also, I realize the pictures aren't great quality. There was no flash photography allowed and combining that with a zoom always ends in grainy, gross pictures. But whatever! Onto the story.

My sister and I woke up at 4AM and got on the 5:29 train. I'd never taken such an early train before and I absolutely loved it. It was so quiet and peaceful. Plus, it skipped, like, five stops so the ride was about fifteen minutes shorter than it normally is. We arrived right on time, 6:38, and got right in a cab to the studio. I didn't want to pay for a cab but the website says to arrive at 7 for a better chance of getting in so I knew there was no time for the subway. We arrived at around 7:10 and there were already about twenty people on the line. I was already thinking there was no way we were going to get in, and was trying to keep my hopes down just incase. It seemed like we'd arrived at just the right time because suddenly bunches of people showed up. The standby line was getting longer as well at the ticketholder line. There were so many ticketholders showing up, I was SURE we had no chance of getting in.

Silly me didn't check the weather before we left, NOR did I wear a coat, jacket, or even sweatshirt. All I wore was a blazer-type jacket and I was dying. Thankfully my sister was wearing a hoodie so I was able to keep my hands warm in her pockets but that was barely helping. It was so. fucking. cold. It didn't help that they were letting in the ticketholders, and we had to watch them enter the building and get all nice and warm. The whole time, I kept on repeating in my head, "This will be worth it. This is Dana! This is for Dana. Suck it up," over and over.

Thinking back, it seems like we waited FOREVER but it was really only about an hour. They come out and hand out pieces of paper with numbers on it. We were #22 & #23. They told us to go have breakfast or get coffee and come back at 8:30. This was at about 8:10. Thankfully there's a Starbucks right across from the studio so we were able to go in. I think about half the line all went into that one Starbucks. The warm felt so good, however, it didn't last long. We thought we'd be sly and go back early - not realizing that we had to get back on line in numerical order. I wasn't exactly sure if the numbers meant anything but alas, they did. We go and a security guard comes out and says that we have a very good chance of getting in, but we'd have to go further back on the line once everyone else came back. I suddenly decided to become one of THOSE people and ask the security guard if he would be able to help us meet Dana. I wasn't flashing the goodies or anything but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. He was really nice but told us that he had no way of doing that. He told me that around the corner there were guys waiting to "get pictures" of the celebrities as they arrive. We had some time to kill, so we go over and I realize it's those guys who constantly hound celebrities for their autographs. Not paparazzi, but autograph hounds. I always see them in pictures with celebs and here they were, in the flesh. It was a group of about five guys. I went over to them just to look around and they asked me who I was there to see. I told them Dana and one of them started going on about how she's "not a nice lady" and doesn't ever stop to sign anything. Now, I must say this man definitely came across as the classic "crazy old man." I couldn't really understand him, and it didn't help that he was rambling on and on about a million different things. Part of me felt bad, part of me was creeped out. Like, he asked us if we were Spanish and I said no, Italian, and he started rambling about some Italian dude's autograph he got. I have no idea who he was talking about, I kind of just had to nod and smile. He definitely seemed drunk, but I think that's probably just how he is. He went back to Dana and said that he's gotten her once before but the last time he tried, she just put her head down and got into the car. Not going to lie - for a minute, part of me panicked. I started thinking that perhaps she's not exactly the sweet person I think she is. But I was able to come back to reality and say to myself, "Well, duh. Of course she's not going to stop for a group of men that follow her to every appearance begging for an autograph so that it can go on eBay." Perhaps it would be different with fans. Anyway, my panic moment was over and I'm still trying to get away from the crazy man. He's talking about Lindsay Lohan and how she once yelled at the paparazzi because she was trying to sign an autograph for him and they were annoying her. He goes on about, "Maybe she didn't steal the jewelry, maybe she did, who knows?" Then moves onto Charlie Sheen and Liz Taylor and at that point, it was thankfully 8:25. I told him we had to go and we went back to the line. Now, we didn't bother trying to get in in the correct order. I figured they'd call each number and we'd go in that way. Well, they did but we didn't hear him! I suddenly heard, "29," and freaked out, ran to the front of the line and showed him my paper. It was our friend the security guard and he was like, "Where were you guys?! Go, get in there!" I was so thankful he let us in.

As soon as we went in we had to go through a metal detector. After that, it was more waiting. I didn't mind this time because I was no longer frozen, but I was started to feel sick. I was extremely nervous ESPECIALLY because getting in still didn't guarantee getting a seat for the show. More waiting and they finally start calling us in. They yell, "1 - 10," and then, "10 - 20." They let in #21 because she was with someone else and leave the rest of us there to wait. I cannot tell you what was running through my mind. I thought I was going to break down and cry if we got THAT close to getting in only to be told there were no more seats. It was 8:56, the show starts at 9, and we're still on line. By the grace of God, a woman comes out and says there are 12 seats left. I almost jumped for joy right then and there. While walking in, she said she didn't know if she had two seats together but luckily she did, all the way at the top row (there are only like, six rows so it was nothing) and all the way in the corner. The view wasn't the greatest but I learned to appreciate it once I realized how many people near the bottom had cameras blocking their view. I was seriously surprised at how small and intimate the studio was. The occupancy sign said 200 maximum and it even felt smaller than that. That probably made the experience one hundred times better for me.

The producer start explaining all of the cues he'd be giving to us, like when to clap more, less, etc. The first prompt we had was to go crazy when they came out. Kelly was on vacation this week so Regis' co-host of the day was Cat Deeley from "So You Think You Can Dance?" I'd honestly never seen her before but from far away, she looked pretty damn pretty.

I was surprised at how many people surrounded them on the stage. Watching at home, I never would have known that the producers sit literally right next to their table with cue cards and notes. The executive producer always laughed extra loud which I found hilarious. We was obviously doing it to add laughter and it was so fucking hilarious.

I had heard that Regis is really great with the audience and he truly was! During every commercial break, he came over and talked, took pictures, etc. He even almost got in trouble for talking to one woman for too long, and he had to run over to his seat within five seconds.

James Marsden came out first. I wasn't too excited, though I like him and a lot of his movies. I was just too anxious to see Dana. When he came out, I realized that the camera used to shoot the guests LITERALLY blocked their face from where I was sitting. I was pretty disappointed and I tried to take some pictures but they came out horribly. I was able to get some during the commercial.

I let my sister take some also, so I apologize for the weird angles!

My sister loved creeping on Regis. IDEK.

James was gone and it was DANA TIME. I felt like I was going to throw up. I didn't. She came out in her adorable frickin' pink dress and I almost died. I was still so mad about the camera blocking her but I watched her through the camera. It was just a golden moment. I couldn't believe she was like, twenty feet away. I was asking if it was real life, I really was.

AGAIN, sorry about the pictures. It was super hard to get good shots. The zoom makes them look like shit and like I took a picture of a t.v. but I swear I did not.

It's impossible for this woman to get any more perfect.

I was super jealous of this woman. She worked on the show, so obvs she was allowed but ugh. I wanted to be her.


I also took a short video of Dana talking to Cat during the commercial break. So wanted to go up there and bow at her feet.

Annnd just a short one during the show with her adorable little joke about dead!Regis.

After that, the story gets less interesting. She left and I was sad, especially because I knew she was leaving the building and I was stuck in a chair but it was okay. I was extremely happy I got to see her in the flesh. She's seriously so beautiful. After we got out, I asked the old man if she signed a picture for him and he said no, and proceeded to start talking crap about our lovely girl again. I promptly left and we headed home. If only I'd known she was heading right to Wendy Williams! I definitely would have gone there as well. They don't start taping until 1, we may have even been able to get into the show. Oh well, things happens and I'm satisfied. It was a wonderful experience.
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